Beatriz Milhazes

Galerie Max Hetzler / Holzwarth Publications, Berlin 2011
With an interview by Sebastian Preuss

‘S.P.: There is that famous Gertrude Stein quote: “A rose is a rose is a rose.” Does that apply to your paintings? We see a wealth of botanical forms and fantastical flowers – but are they really flowers?

B.M.: Not really. They are a combination of things. To work as a painting, the “rose” needs to be a form and color. But they really are flowers, in the sense that they carry important symbolic meanings from life. I'm interested in life. I like these references, and my paintings need them, but a painting is a painting is a painting.’

‘B. Milhazes in conversation with Sebastian Preuss: Colors That Come from Life’, in Beatriz Milhazes, exh. cat., Berlin: Galerie Max Hetzler and Holzwarth Publications, 2011, p. 3

Publisher: Galerie Max Hetzler / Holzwarth Publications
Interview: by Sebastian Preuss
Publication date: 2011
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 33.5 x 24.4 x 1 cm
Pages: 45
ISBN: 978-3-935567-56-5

€ 35.00€ 28.00

Beatriz Milhazes

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