at speed

Darren Almond, Sarah Morris

Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin 2002
With a text by Sarah Morris (English)

‘The phrase “at speed”, of course, in Grand Prix lingo refers to the optimal speed on a specific configuration of race track. Speed, a calculation dependent on time, is as we know it, completely relative. The time it takes to walk in front of a painting. Distraction and concentration are not mutually exclusive. The time it takes to read a best-seller. Notions of duration and of process can only be fragmentary, non-linear and ultimately fictional. The creation of a room with an illusionary stillness that is based upon ideas of movement in social space and time. These are the only transports you need. A sense of art’s ability to become and function like propaganda or ideology while contradicting it.’

– Sarah Morris, 2002

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Darren Almond

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